tisdag 14 juli 2015

Okruh Frantiska Bartose - Ostrava Radvanice

The fourth rund of 125GP  in Czech Road Racing in this countrys third biggest town Ostrava.  

This Town is located in the east of the republic close to the Polish border and is a very sport intrested town.  They have a very technical real road racing track in the part of the town called Radvanice with a big variation of fast and slow forest and town parts that I like! 
The first race here was held in 2007 and in 2012 I was the first ever Swedish rider to have raced here and from that I been here every year since.
For this race my partners Fotohenke and Emmy Rich was joining me to travel down. Wendsday afternoon the travel started from Sweden. We choosed to travel over the bridge to Denmark and then go with the ferry Gedser-Rostock.  The plan was to taking in to some hotel in Germany.  But the prices of the room where we was looking was not something we liked.  So Henrik did drive all the way to Horice where we booked a cabin at Autokemp Horice. That the town where I have my bike placed between the races.  After a day in Horice where we was relaxing some and eating out at resturance and shopping we wake up early on friday to drive the last 300km to Ostrava.

In the paddock we was placed to a grass area. A place I liked as it gives you a more relaxed feeling of a summer holliday and easyer to secure the paddock tent. For the first time this year I open up my engine to look how it look. And was really surpriced how good everything look!

A late message that I did get in the paddock on friday that a sponsor did withdraw from this race did give me some worring as I didnt have that extra money backup and needed this money. So I asked my freinds for help and almost get the same money from them as I did loose from the sponsor deal! So BIG thanx to all of you helpers!!

Saturday qualifying.
This day did go to re-learn this track.  Last year was not so many laps I did as my bike did struggle some.  On the first lap I almost crashed in to the bales into a new chicane.  I was not expected it to be a chicane there! Did brake so hard so my rear wheel was dancing in the air and did have to take the side walk outside the road to escape..
Second qualifying this new chicane was taken away as the riders did complain that it was dangerouse and did not help for anything.  My riding was feeling mutch better exept that I was really tired the last 3 lap. 11:th position out of 15 was my result.
Evening was first spend out on Taurus resturace with Emmy, Henke,  Pavel and Wolfgan. Later Emmy, Henke and me did the well know Stoldoni street where its over 50 bar and music club open all nigth!  

Sunday and race day!
Our race was 10:45 and by then it was 26 degrees out with blue sky and big sun! My start was not the best. But could easy take the positions back that I lost and then follow the faster riders in front of me and build up my speed.  In the end of this race it did feel a little lonely as I didnt see any other riders in front of me.  But on the finnish line there was a rider close behind me. Result was a 7:th position of the 15 riders!  So a okay result and my best for this year.


The rest of the day Fotohenke was out and taking photos of the other classes and Emmy and me did enjoy the day with over 30 degree with looking at supertwin and side car race and then start to pack all our stuff down.  Back in Horice all the places for sleeping  was closed or full. So we needed to go to Hradec Kralove to find a place to sleep.
So this weekend was full of great weather,  good racing and a lot of adventure!
Big thanks to Emmy and Fotohenke for following me down and for all the help and crazy adventures.
Big thanks to Michal and Lucie for helping my cz racing buisness!
Congratulations for the win Michal!

And thanks to all my freinds that did give me some support.
Also this race and racers and all the marshall, photographers and people watching this race was fantastic!
I enjoy it a lot!! :)

fredag 19 juni 2015

I fought!

After in last minute not having a transport down for my race I was almost giving it all up. I did stop my work on thursday 15:00 and I decided to go to Emmy to discuss how or what else to do instead this weekend. Only to be stuck on a train for 1 and a  half hour extra becourse a downed line.. so my temper was really under preassure and I did feel that the time only did fly away.

Finaly at Emmys place we did talk and we bouth did think: no, this was really our plan to go to Kopcany. We dont change becourse of someone else fuck everything up! We really really wanted to go! I did have Emmys song Fight in my head..

From there it was some hours of work as we needed to pack our things in a Opel Corsa, calculate and get money as my own money only would have taken us half way in one direction. In Czech republic I did have super help by Michal & Lucie and Jirka to organize place to pick up my bike and find a car to use for the race.  At 23:00 in thursday we finaly did go by our self on the roads!

After 25 hours with about 1300 km travel and have to put all our stuff in the rental car we was finaly in the paddock in the next night! Only to find that the paddock was totaly bad organized with no place left as many people did put there normal car in. After being trow away from 2 places by some bitch that did say the empty places was booked for even more cars to come we was almost ready to go home again.

Early on saturday morning did we tell the marshalls to get us a place somewhere. And they did move a car and make us some good place on a asphalt Spot near the road out to the track.

Saturday qualifyings did go just to learn the track and see that the bike was correct set-up. The position for the grid was not the best with the 11:th best time for my class. Being to tired from the travel down and the heat with 32 degrees celcium.

Evening was spend in a really nice resturance with live Slovakian folk music.

Race day on sunday our class did race at 15:00 With 33 degee in the shadows. I did a good start and was up on 8:th and did hold this position when it was 3 laps to go. Then my bike did feel a little strange in braking and cornering. So I stoped by the side and noticed one of my fairing stay was broken! The marshalls didnt have any tools to help me get the fairings of. So I did brake the other side to with my foot so I could take of the fairing.  So I did drive last 2 laps without any fairings! Bike did wheelie a lot without them on!! :D

The race was redflag when a 250cc did crash on the exit of he esses.

But I did the race and did finnish it even with all the problem before the race and under the race! Nothing can stop me! I fight!!

This race was also my 30:th real road race start! Dont think that anyone else that race rrr from Sweden today have done this many start!

Big thanx to all help for this race! My team, Emmy, Michal, Lucie, Jirka and everyone that in some way did support me!! 

onsdag 10 juni 2015

Some transportation problems..

For this weeks race in the Czech Real Roadracing series I was supposed to travel down with one other rider as we done many times before.

One of the problems the weeks before this race was to solve the transport down to the race. One of the car being to smal for this trip and that one other needed a to big service to be ready in time. But he was looking for other solution for the transportation. So I did take my time to pack my things and cure my cold and following the teams rider Björn Gunnarsson on his racing at IoM TT live over the web and prepare the other riders bikes in the team and so on.

Just 24 hours before we should travel I did get a text messenge from the other rider that he already started the travel. That without me! A kind of suprice that I was not ready for.

With this short time of notice and strained econemy for me my only thought is that this is really the end of this race! Before its even started...

Now I really would needed my own race bus and a larger wallet to have avoided this kind of problems...

söndag 7 juni 2015

Next race - Kopcany in Slovakia

In one weeks time I will be racing in Slovakia in the smal village Kopcany. A real road racing competiton that go in the centrum of this village.  Sometimes called "Slovakia LaBaneza" as it is simulare as the Spannish spectaculare race that also go between the houses.

Last year was my first visit to this track and it did look a lot crazy and different to what I was use to race at! But I loved this track!! So happy to be back at this race in Slovakia! :)

Preperation for this race is already done around the track now.

Weather forecast says sunny with 33 degree celsius!


fredag 5 juni 2015

2015 300ZGH program

For the 4:th season I find my self on a picture in the program for 300ZGH! A program for the biggest real road race in CZ. This program is made in 3000 examples. Feel happy that the club AMK Horice have me in there program! Diky! :)

torsdag 4 juni 2015

Sponsor test ride

Its not often that one that is supporting a racer can take a test ride on the bikes. But this time one that helped me with good price on good parts, Rickard at Grevens MC-Delar, did get this chance! He is a racer him self so he know how to ride a bike. Even if he is used to bigger Superbike he did seams to enjoy the 125GP bike a lot and he was out for many laps on the test day at Karlskoga.  :)

lördag 30 maj 2015

Fun Club - Team Vodojem

One of the things that make the race in Horice to one of my favorite race is the fantastic atmosphere and all the fans there.  In many places are there people that make the race really alive! One of them corners is the hairpin called Vodojem after the water tank there. There is Fun Club - Team Vodojem.

After the race they storm in to the track and want the riders to do some burn outs and drink beer with them.  Making a lot of noice under the race and a lot after to! :)